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Youth injured in terror attack awarded 60,000 NIS

Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 12:00 A hareidi youth who was stabbed in the back in a

Victim's jacket, note the exact site of the knife wound; Photo credit: Honenu

Victim’s jacket, note the exact site of the knife wound; Photo credit: Honenu

terror attack in 2015 has been awarded 60,000 in compensation from the terrorist. The incident occurred on May 24, 2015, the eve of the Shavuot holiday. The complainant, then a minor 16 years of age, was walking with friends through the Muslim marketplace in the Old City of Jerusalem, on their way to the Western Wall when at 2:30 A.M. the terrorist, John Kakish, chased them while holding a knife with a 30 cm. blade, which he had purchased earlier that day. The terrorist stabbed the complainant in the left side of his upper back, stabbed another youth in his right shoulder, and kicked another youth. All of the injured were minors. When the group began to chase Kakish, he fled the scene. The complainant suffered a wound two centimeters deep and two centimeters long, approximately one centimeter from his spinal cord and lungs. He was rushed to hospital where a chest tube was inserted. The youth who was stabbed in his right shoulder suffered a deep wound above his right shoulder blade and required stitches in several layers of the wound. Kakish was not charged with attempted murder but rather with aggravated assault, for which he was sentenced to nine years in prison. Subsequently the complainant decided to personally sue the terrorist, and in an arrangement with the terrorist was awarded 60,000 NIS in compensation. Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado, who is assisting the complainant and his family with the suit, stated that, “I arrived at the first deliberation concerned that either the terrorist or his relatives would mark me. When I arrived at the last deliberation the “brave” terrorist sitting next to his father meekly signed the agreement that he would pay the complainant 60,000 NIS. This is how it should work. Have no fear and sue the terrorists to the greatest reasonable extent. “I hope that the slumbering law enforcement authorities of the State of Israel will wake up and start collecting from the terrorists even a tenth of the huge budgets that the State has had to pay to victims of terror, while out of faulty reasoning has not demanded that the terrorists bear the burden for their damages.”

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