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Yeshiva student attacked near Old City Jerusalem

Scene of the attack; Photo credit: Free use

Scene of the attack; Photo credit: Free use

Thursday, February 13, 2020, 9:48 A yeshiva student was assaulted by an Arab near the City of David in Jerusalem, in full view of all the by-standers. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the student, sent a letter to the Merchav Shalem Police Commander concerning the matter. In his letter Bleicher described the attack: The 28-year-old married hareidi yeshiva student was waiting for his shuttle bus at the Givati Parking Lot intersection, during the early evening hours, on a Tuesday, approximately two weeks ago. The assailant and another man blocked the street with their car and cursed and threatened passers-by. Civilians who were present at the scene called the police. The man who was with the assailant got into the car and left the intersection. Simultaneously the assailant approached the student, and without their exchanging any words, forcefully punched him in the face and fled. Bleicher stressed that, “My client was beaten for no visible reason, other than his having a Jewish appearance. As a consequence of the beating my client suffered headaches and dizziness for several days.” The yeshiva student filed a complaint with the police and several eye witnesses submitted photographs of the assailant that they had taken at the scene to the police. Bleicher requested that the police commander “relate to the racist incident with the utmost gravity and carry out a thorough investigation, including gathering documentation from the security cameras at the scene.” Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher: “Humiliating attacks on Jews in the street have unfortunately become a widespread occurrence that must be completely eradicated. As a first step the police must relentlessly apprehend anti-Semitic terrorists. Secondly, the prosecuting authorities must work towards stiffening penalties for those criminals. Honenu will invest great effort in monitoring the authorities to ensure that they act concerning this matter, until assailants are convicted and until the victims file civil suits against them.”

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