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Yanai Weisman, Hy”d, case continues

Avraham Weisman; Photo credit: Honenu

Avraham Weisman; Photo credit: Honenu

Sunday, May 5, 2019, 16:35 Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the Weisman family: “All those who are partners to terror must receive the maximum penalty. We expect life imprisonment and more.” On May 5, a deliberation took place at which the two sides presented their demands for the penalty of one of the terrorists who carried out the stabbing attack in which Yanai Weisman, Hy”d was murdered and Avraham Tal was injured at the Sha’ar Binyamin branch of the Rami Levy supermarket chain on February 18, 2016. During the deliberation, which took place at the Ofer Military Court, Yanai Weisman’s father, Avraham, testified and asked the judges to give the terrorist the maximum penalty. Avraham Tal, who was injured in the attack, also testified. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the Weisman family, was also present. The terrorist was convicted of murder on January 29. Weisman’s father described Yanai, Hy”d, as someone who always chose good and lived a life of values. He said that his son never missed an opportunity to help someone and added, “On one hand we, the parents, wife, and the whole family suffer from deep, inconsolable sorrow, but beyond that it is important to emphasize that this murder is a tremendous loss for our entire society.” The father recalled that, “Yanai merited a citation for what he had done that day at Rami Levy. Not long afterwards, someone explained to me that citations are given where there had been a failure. This gang, including the terrorist here who is the eldest of the members, equipped with three knives, passed a checkpoint coming from Area A in order to reach the shopping complex at Sha’ar Binyamin, passed the security check at the entrance to the complex, and passed the security check at the entrance to supermarket itself.” The father emphasized that, “The defendant, in his full participation in the attack, assisted the other two [terrorists] in passing the security check, in entering the supermarket and in carrying out the attack. As the adult in the gang, he must bear particular responsibility for the murder, which will be expressed in the severity of the penalty. “The murderous gang joined together for one purpose – to kill Jews. That appears in their testimony – not Zionists, but rather Jews. They knew very well that with this murder they would not win the war; it would not be a big achievement for their people. The goal was to kill, to cause us pain, and perhaps to benefit from a few prizes for themselves and their families.” The father turned to the judges and quoted the words of Rabbi Elazar (Midrash Tanhuma, Metzora, A): “Whoever is merciful to the cruel will in the end be cruel to the merciful,” and continued, “Are you prepared for that to be said about you? Every leniency for this defendant and his friends is cruelty towards a small girl, three and a half years old, who already does not remember her father, towards Yanai’s young widow, towards my wife, towards his brothers, and towards his entire family and towards all of his friends.” His statement concluded with a request: “I see Yanai’s kind eyes… In a second he would do the same thing again. That was his identity, the willingness to sacrifice himself at any moment for anyone, for us. But now his eyes ask us, how can we stand up for him, for others like him, for our society, our country and how can we stand before G-d if we do not do the little that we can and give the most severe penalty to this murderer.” Avraham Tal, who was injured in the attack, also testified. He described the attack and the resourcefulness of Master Sergeant Yoni Biton (res.) who was suspicious of the terrorist and, with the security guard, removed him from the store. Tal said that a moment later “the friends of the terrorist began to stab me and Yanai, z”l. Yoni came back and the first thing that he saw was me bleeding on the ground. He tied a tourniquet for me and held my neck until we reached the hospital. The doctors said that he saved my life.” Tal also asked the judges to hand down a stiff penalty to the terrorist: “I ask the court to give at the minimum a life sentence to the terrorist, despite the fact that, thank G-d, his intent to murder was thwarted. On a personal note, I will add that we are two days before Memorial Day. The ceremonies are very difficult, particularly at this time. I ask again that the court make its considerations – we trust the court – and to hand down the maximum penalty.” After the hearing Tal described the strain of being present at the deliberations: “This setting is difficult every time, including now. This terrorist, despite the fact that he was removed from the scene before the attack, was an active participant. We asked the court, because the terrorist did not express regret, but rather intended to kill Jews, to hand down the penalty he deserves, which is at least life imprisonment. We hope that this time the court will truly agree and give him the penalty that he deserves.” Tal also thanked Honenu, in particular Attorney Chayim Bleicher, for their support, guidance and dedication. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the Weisman family: “Today we were at a hearing in the trial of the third terrorist who participated in the murder of Yani Weisman, the injury of Avraham Tal and the attempted murder of additional Jews. We came with the [Weisman] family and [Tal], and compiled the testimonies of the family from previous hearings, in order to demand that also the third terrorist be handed down a life sentence. “We are talking here about a war on terror, everyone who participates in an act of terror must be penalized to the full extent of the law, at least a life sentence, also in this case in which the terrorist took part in the attack by helping the other terrorists enter the Rami Levy supermarket. [Security personnel] succeeded in removing him from the supermarket moments before the attack, but he still was a party to the attack and he still was convicted of murder. We expect that he will be handed down a life sentence, and more.”

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