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“What did an elderly woman, a grandmother and a daughter who suffered the untimely loss of her

Sunday, January 29, 16:57 Tzippy Shlissel, a Hevron resident, mother of eleven children and grandmother to nine grandchildren, was arrested this morning by policemen from the Hevron Police Department on a claim that several days ago she attacked European photographers in Hevron. According to Shlissel this is a case of slander perpetrated by a group of anarchists in response to her regularly photographing the many provocations that they create in Hevron. Shlissel was arrested on the street, without being summoned for interrogation and taken to the Hevron Police Station. Upon completion of the interrogation, during which she denied all charges, the interrogators demanded that she give fingerprints and a DNA sample. Shlissel refused and claimed that this is a case of slander and that there is absolutely no need to take either her fingerprints or a DNA sample. The interrogators persisted and took a DNA sample by force After an additional interrogation due to a claim that she had obstructed policemen in the line of duty, currently Shlissel is being taken to court in Jerusalem, where the police will request that she be required to give fingerprints. It should be noted that Tzippy Shlissel is the daughter of Rav Ra’anan, hy”d, who was murdered by Arabs in Hevron. We reiterate that last week a 60 year old resident of Kiryat Arba was arrested on a claim that he disturbed a policemen in the line of duty by wrinkling the closed military zone order on Mitzpe Avichai that he was examining. He was released following an urgent appeal filed by Honenu attorney Rehavia Piltz. Honenu reports that, “The cruelty of the police toward the residents of Yehuda and Shomron exceeds new limits every time. What did an elderly woman, a grandmother and a daughter who suffered the untimely loss of her father, do that necessitated abuse such as this?”

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