Justice for Amiram!

Zoom call, Sunday, December 4, 6 PM Israel time

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Thank you for joining our effort to help free Amiram Ben-Uliel, a devout Jew sentenced to more than three life terms based purely on his confessions elicited due to torture and approved by the Supreme Court. We will hold our next Zoom session on Sunday, December 4, to review our campaign and plan the next step. The U.S. elections are over, and we need to adjust to what could be a new political reality. Another angle is the media and how each of you can raise questions that the Israeli government hopes will be ignored.


Even if you have not participated in our previous Zoom calls, please join our Zoom session on December 4, and spread the word about the campaign for Amiram. Every day that he is in solitary confinement in a far-off prison is a crime and a stain on our great Jewish homeland.




6 PM Jerusalem


Steven, Menachem and Gila


Please click here for an article summarizing Attorney Avigdor Feldman's recent request to judge Ben Uliel's case again, this time in an extended panel of justices (en banc).


For more articles about the case, including articles specifically about Amiram Ben Uliel and the issue of torture, click here.