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Two outposts destroyed in Binyamin region

Destroyed synagogue, Ramat Migron; Photo credit: Free use

Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 11:49 On the morning of Wednesday, November 17, security forces removed families from two outposts in the Binyamin region and destroyed their houses. From Geulat Tzion, Honenu received reports of four detainees, who were assisted by Honenu Attorney Nati Rom. Honenu also received reports that during the destruction, police injured one of the hilltop residents, a married father of one girl. He was sprayed with pepper spray and punched in the face and his clothes were ripped.

Later in the morning, large numbers of security forces removed two families and a group of youths from Ramat Migron. The hilltop, which was established approximately eight months ago, had five buildings and a flock of sheep. The security forces destroyed the synagogue and the families' houses.

One of the residents recorded a video clip of the complete destruction of his house. The furniture and other contents of the house, including electrical appliances, clothing, and books, were removed and left out in the open.

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