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Two Jewish women assaulted in Jerusalem

Updated: May 30, 2022

Please see here a list of posts relating to cases in which Honenu provided legal counsel to victims of antisemitic attacks in Jerusalem.

Honenu Atty. Chayim Bleicher; Photo credit: Honenu

Sunday, March 7, 2021, 12:14 Two young Jewish women were assaulted by an Arab youth in Jerusalem on Thursday, March 4. The Arab, who was holding a wooden club, encountered the women as they walked near the Jerusalem District Court and beat them for no reason whatsoever. After a few moments, the women successfully ran away from the scene. A passer-by who noticed the attack, filmed the assailant and called the attention of other passers-by, was also attacked by the Arab. When the police arrived, they detained the suspect for interrogation. This was one of many recent attacks by Arabs in Jerusalem, among them an incident in which Jewish pedestrians were beaten and pelted with snowballs near Sha’ar Shechem (Damascus Gate). Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher: “We demand an end to the situation in which antisemitic terrorists attack Jews in broad daylight only because they are Jews. We will continue to follow this case and will act to ensure that the terrorist is penalized to the full extent of the law.”

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