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Two attacked students will remain in remand – “The conduct of the police is unacceptable”

Wednesday, June 1 18:58 A short time ago the deliberation on the urgent appeal filed by Honenu attorney David HaLevi on the remand of the two yeshiva students from Yeshivat Nir who were arrested in Jerusalem ended. The two were arrested after a group of yeshiva students coming down from the Temple Mount were attacked by Arabs. A few students were injured by cudgel blows and according to them some of the attackers wielded knives and an ax. Representatives of the police claimed during the deliberation that the two overturned Arab stalls in the market. The representatives claimed that they are not aware of a complaint that the Arabs attacked the group, despite the complaints of the detainees on the matter. Even after the arrival in court of one of the students who had been wounded by cudgel blows to his head during the incident and received medical treatment, the position of the police on the incident did not change. Honenu attorney HaLevi submitted to police investigators two testimonies of other people in the group who had been attacked, but it seems that the police have decided to treat the incident in a biased manner and to accept the Arabs’ version without being confused by the facts. During the deliberation Honenu attorney HaLevi demanded that the video clips from the security cameras that are meant to document the area of the Old City be presented, but in the meantime the police have not transferred the video clips to the court. Judge Alexander Ron, a resident of Alon Shevut, clarified during the deliberation that he was not willing to accept the appeal and is interested in allowing the police to keep the detainees in remand overnight. Honenu attorney HaLevi withdrew the appeal and the two yeshiva students will remain in remand. Honenu attorney HaLevi, who is representing the two detainees responded to the remand and said that, “The conduct of the police in this instance is difficult to understand and unacceptable. Instead of arresting the minority members who used brutal violence against my clients and others, the police chose to arrest my clients who only came to the site to celebrate Jerusalem Day and were brutally attacked for no reason. We presented the police with new testimonies that shed light on the nature of the incident and I estimate that after a short investigation my clients will be released from remand.”

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