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The need for Honenu

Why is there a need for Honenu?

Why is there a need for a legal defense organization to defend those who defend themselves against Arab attacks?

It is a painful and complicated question. A major part of the answer lies in the fact that leftist pro-Arab groups are heavily financed by the European Union. Among them are Adalah, Amnesty International, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, the Arab Association for Human Rights, the Association of Forty, B’Tselem, Bizchut, Bimkom, Gisha and Kav La’Oved. These are only some of the groups fighting for Arab interests. According to Wikileaks, B’Tselem’s director admitted to a US official that 95% of their 2.4 million dollar budget comes from European countries. Billionaire George Soros has pledged 100 million dollars to Human Watch, an organization very much involved with Israel’s internal affairs. These NGOs are extremely powerful, so much so that an Israeli prime minister was forced to back down from supporting a law calling for transparency in NGO funding from foreign sources. One would think that transparency is fundamental in democratic countries. The huge amount of funding coming from foreign sources serves to undermine the Israeli judicial system. Additionally, it is used to propagandize and influence lawmakers, conduct negative media campaigns, file detrimental court motions and distort international committees of inquiry such as the Goldstone Commission, all of which combined, significantly lower the morale of the nation. In this sphere of legal defense, Honenu stands opposite an immense force. With a relatively miniscule budget, we are the David compared to their Goliath. Every year, 1,000 arrestees turn to Honenu for help. For the sake of Israel, please partner with us in this great mitzvah.

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