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The court rejected the police request, the Adei Ad resident was released unconditionally

Updated: May 15, 2022

Wednesday, March 23 20:25 A., a resident of Adei Ad arrested this morning during the police raid on Givot Shiloh, was released this evening in court unconditionally. A. was questioned on suspicion of attacking Arab workers in the Shiloh Industrial Zone last week. A. denied all charges and gave an alibi. Afterwards a police line-up took place with participation of students from Yeshivat Shiloh. A. was not identified in the line-up as the attacker. Afterwards the police investigators informed Honenu Attorney Yehuda Shimon that they would release A. at the police station. Several minutes later the investigators changed their minds and announced that an order was received from high-ranking commanders according to which they must extend the remand of A. even though he gave an alibi and was not identified in the line-up. A. was brought to the Jerusalem Magistrates Court where the police requested that his remand be extended by three days. Honenu Attorney Itzik Bam represented him in the deliberation. During the deliberation the judge examined a confidential report in which the intelligence material of the case was detailed. Judge Rubin was amazed that there was no mention of A.’s involvement in the act. A police representative claimed that part of the material disappeared and requested a recess in order to locate the missing material. After a few minutes the police representative returned to the courtroom and reported that he couldn’t find the material that was supposedly missing. In response, the judge decided to order the unconditional release of A.

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