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In a emergency, please call our 24-hour hot line at 1599-50-40-20


Easily contact us in a legal emergency. Partner with us to give the best defense to those entangled in legal matters due to Israel's security situation.


Dr. Itzik Pas – Father of the late Shalhevet Pas

Two years later [after Shalhevet's murder], I was arrested by the GSS. Suddenly, from a bereaved father who had lost the most precious thing to him, they tried to turn me into a terrorist. The GSS prevented us from meeting with a lawyer for quite a few days, so I remember the first time that a lawyer came to meet with us after it was allowed. And we asked him, 'Who sent you?' He told us that Honenu had.


Yehuda Namburg – Gush Katif expellee

I was detained at roadblock to Gush Katif [with other protesters]. They took us to a Be'er Sheva prison. Late on Friday afternoon there was a hearing about extending our remand. Out of nowhere, suddenly, Honenu came – dear Zangi – and gave me the feeling that I was in good hands.


Nirit Zemora – Victim of a terror attack at Gush Etzion Intersection

I left the supermarket, and I heard the sound of someone running behind me. A moment later, I felt a hard blow to my back. I immediately realized that it was a terror attack. I expected a fair trial, and I felt that that wasn't what was happening. I feel like the Honenu organization has taken on the task of protecting the People of Israel.


Ziv Nagar – Father of detained yeshiva student

My son was detained with two of his friends from yeshiva. We found ourselves in a state of turmoil. Our son was imprisoned and not allowed to speak to a lawyer. The Honenu organization came to us to represent out son in court, to ensure that he received the rights he deserved by law.


Avraham Sandak – Father of Ahuvia, z"l

Honenu knew about the incident even before we did and sent a lawyer and a traffic inspector to the scene. With G-d's help, Honenu's efforts will contribute to achieving justice for Ahuvia for the terrible injustice that was done to him.


Professor Eli Slotzkin – Detained after defending himself from rioters

I drove with my son to East Jerusalem for Shavuot [May 2021]. Hundreds of Arab rioters were surrounding the house, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails everywhere. Some of the people there fired into the air to drive them away. It took the police over forty minutes to arrive. My fourteen-year-old son was detained with me and accused of no less than conspiring to open fire. I don't know what we would have done if Nati Rom, the lawyer from Honenu, had not come to save us.

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