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Terrorists open fire, security officer detained after firing warning shots – Update

Tuesday, July 8, 2014, 17:43 From the Tatzpit New Agency: The chain of events and the failure of the police to properly handle the shooting incident in Nof Tzion, Jerusalem on the morning of Tuesday, July 8. At slightly after midnight on the night between Monday, July 7 and Tuesday, July 8 residents of the Nof Tzion neighborhood in Jerusalem reported to the Tatzpit News Agency that terrorists had opened fire from a moving car at the guard tower in Nof Tzion and that the security officer of the neighborhood returned fire. There were no injuries. After the shooting Arabs began to gather at the scene. To the astonishment of the security officer, who served in an elite army unit and has a family, the policemen [who arrived on the scene] informed him that he was being taken in for interrogation on suspicion of discharging a weapon within city limits. The police did not even attempt to apprehend and detain the terrorists. The security officer was taken to the police station, interrogated and detained. On the morning of Tuesday, July 8 the security officer was brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court for a deliberation. The police requested a remand extension of six days to facilitate investigation. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who is representing the detainee, intervened and he was conditionally released on bail. After residents of the neighborhood requested, on the evening of

Bullet hole in Nof Tzion apartment window, Photo credit: Shai Rozen, Tatzpit News Agency

Bullet hole in Nof Tzion apartment window, Photo credit: Shai Rozen, Tatzpit News Agency

Tuesday, July 8 policemen from the DIFS (Division of Identification and Forensic Science) arrived at the scene of the incident and identified several bullet holes as resulting from the terrorists’ shooting. Honenu reported to the Tazpit News Agency: “Once again we are witness to a incident in which a Jew is automatically accused and the investigation into a shooting attack is started only more than 12 hours after the incident occurred. The conduct of the police is assisting Arab terror. Unfortunately a citizen who wakes up in the morning, defends his life and his home as is expected and according to the law, immediately finds himself under investigation and detained. Many times, like this time, the motivations of the police are not clear to us.”

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