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Terrorist’s attorney detained, deliberation postponed

Tarek Barghout; Photo credit: Flash 90

Tarek Barghout; Photo credit: Flash 90

Sunday, March 10, 2019 A deliberation to decide the penalty of one of the terrorists who carried out the attack in which Yanai Weisman, Hy”d, was murdered has been postponed. The deliberation was scheduled to take place today, Sunday, March 10, but was postponed due to the remand extension of his attorney, Tarek Barghout, who is representing the terrorist. Barghout was detained with Zakaria Zubeidi, who is a terrorist, in February 2019. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the Weisman family, stated that, “Recently we have encountered instances in which attorneys are themselves terrorists. Attorneys have special authorizations and are exposed to extremely valuable security information. We demand that attorneys from the Palestinian Authority not be permitted to represent terrorists until they undergo security checks of their past and present, and that they be under constant surveillance by the GSS.” Yanai Weisman, Hy”d, was murdered in a terror attack on February 18, 2016. Members of a terror cell entered the Sha’ar Binyamin branch of the Rami Levy supermarket chain and began to stab shoppers. Weisman ran from a different area of the store to the scene of the attack and fought bare-handed with the terrorists. He left behind a wife, a daughter, parents and siblings.

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