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Suspects detained over antisemitic assault at gas station

One of the injured students; Photo credit: Free use

Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 11:24 As of now, three suspects have been detained on suspicion of involvement with a February 7 attack on Breslev yeshiva students at the Mifgash Arbel gas station outside of Migdal in the north of Israel. Arabs attacked the students with metal bars, called out racist statements and pulled their payot. Then the assailants got into their car and the driver drove wildly in the direction of the injured students as he shouted, “Allahu akbar – I’m going to run you over.” The victims were evacuated to the Poriya Hospital in Teverya with serious injuries. One of the injured required stitches in his ear and suffered an injury to his eye socket which is liable to cause a tear in his retina. Another victim suffered an injury to his jaw and required stitches in his lips. Immediately after the incident, one suspect was detained and identified by one of the complainants. An additional suspect was detained during the week of the attack. The third suspect was detained on Sunday, February 14, and his remand has been extended until Wednesday.

One of the injured students; Photo credit: Free use

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the injured students: “First and foremost, we thank the police for apprehending the three suspects. Now, we expect the assailants to be charged with serious violent crimes and attempted murder for trying to run over the injured students. And we expect the racial motive to be specifically mentioned. Imprisoning terrorists such as these for many years will certainly contribute to the security of Israeli citizens.”

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