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Remand extension for Kfar Yafia assault suspects

Saturday, September 29, 2018, 23:50 At a Natzrat Magistrate’s Court deliberation the

One of the injured; Photo credit: free use

One of the injured; Photo credit: free use

remand of Kfar Yafia residents Majid Zubidath and Bahajath Luabana, two of the suspects from the assault on a Jewish car driving through the town before Shabbat, has been extended. An additional suspect, Paras Zubidath, who is an employee of the Kfar Yafia Local Council, has been released to several days of house arrest. The judge revealed that the GSS is involved with the investigation and that some of the detentions were carried out on the basis of information that the GSS transferred to the police. Earlier the father of the injured family called on the police to detain everyone involved with the incident. He said that over 15 assailants participated in the attack on the car from every direction and that the sole motivation for the attack was the fact that the passengers were Jewish: “Despite the terrible danger, the injuries were relatively light and the guys are recovering now. We demand and expect that the police will locate all of the guilty parties. There is no doubt that the incident was nationalistically motivated. Only because they are Jews were they assaulted in an Arab town. We expect that all of those guilty in the incident will be penalized.” Honenu Attorney Yisrael Bar Sela, one of the Honenu Attorneys assisting the family in fully realizing their rights as crime victims, was present at the Natzrat Magistrate’s Court deliberation. Honenu Attorney Adi Kedar stated that, “This is a serious incident. We expect the police to treat the incident as a genuine terror attack. There is no [other] way to explain the attack. This was a racially motivated attempt by a mob to kill, and the police must investigate the incident as a security incident.” See here for a police statement.

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