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Remand extended, indictment for fifth minor likely tomorrow

Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 16:01 Rishon LeTzion Magistrates Court decided to extend the remand of the last of five minors from Rechalim held by the GSS  by an additional

Protest opposite courthouse; Photo credit: Yosef Reisman

Protest opposite courthouse; Photo credit: Yosef Reisman

day, and it is likely that tomorrow an indictment will be filed against the minor. During the deliberation activists in the campaign for the Rechalim detainees protested opposite the courthouse under the slogan “GSS, get off your high horse!” (lit. “Get down from the tree!”) Honenu Attorney Adi Kedar, who is representing the minor, stated that, “If you recall, several days ago I said, and I was referring to the Attorney General’s office when I said that the hand shook and that it should shake. Today I think that the decision by the court indicates that also the hand of the court is shaking, and they are hinting in a blatant hint to the Attorney General’s office that they are still granted consideration and that despite the fact that they presented a certain framework which allows them to file an indictment, I regard that as a technical decision. In light of quality of the process of the plaintiff’s affidavit, and in this instance a second plaintiff’s affidavit, which is a sort of precedent that I have not seen for many years. “The court has done serious, thorough and in-depth work. They seriously considered releasing the minor, and in the end, in the face of the quality of the process, reasoned that it was not the correct time, because tomorrow an indictment will be filed, and the matter will be judged by the district court. We turned to the district court, and we turned again to the Attorney General’s office, the police and the GSS, asking them to use their judgment. “In our opinion the reality that will be after an indictment is filed will be an impossible reality. I think that if the minor is indicted, a situation will be created in which this case is never solved. For years everyone connected to the case will continue to cast doubt on the culpability of the minor, and the one who will suffer during that time will be the minor, and the evidence at the moment does not unequivocally indicate that he is the guilty one. He gave his testimony and according to his claim and ours, he is innocent of all crime.” Honenu Attorney Amir Bracha: “Today, in a case, the likes of which I do not recall, a deliberation took place on a second plaintiff’s affidavit, which indicates in and of itself that also the Attorney General’s office is not absolutely in agreement with the decision to file an indictment. In light of developments in the investigation the possibility was raised of releasing the minor to house arrest under restrictive conditions. “The judge ordered the Attorney General’s office to thoroughly consider the matter of filing an indictment. An indictment in a crime so serious when the evidence is so weak is liable to cause irrevocable damage to the minor and his family. I will take advantage of this forum and address the Attorney General’s office: Do not let your finger be quick on the trigger, for this is a matter of life and death.”

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