Rabbi Druckman: Release the youths

Saturday, January 5, 2019, 20:24 On Saturday night, after Shabbat, Rabbi Chaim Druckman spoke in a rare video clip and leveled unprecedented criticism at the Israeli Police, the GSS and the means they are using to interrogate the three youths who have been prevented from meeting with an attorney. Rabbi Druckman also addressed Prime Minister Netanyahu: “I am turning to the Prime Minister with a request from the depths of my heart to order the immediate release of the minors, the three youths detained by the GSS. “If there is any problem, it would be appropriate to interrogate them as anyone is interrogated in the State of Israel, but by no means whatsoever, not in the dungeons of the GSS.” Rabbi Druckman leveled criticism at the conduct of the GSS: “They [the detained minors] are not terrorists. And I am concerned by this about the sound and just management of the State of Israel. ‘Justice, justice you should pursue’ (Deut. 16:20): Justice must be pursued by just means and not through injustice.” Rabbi Druckman concluded his talk with a request to the Prime Minister: “I ask of you to put a stop to this injustice immediately.”

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