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Protests after shooting in Hawara

Protesters arriving at the entrance to Shechem; Photo credit Avraham Shapira

Friday, September 9, 2022, 14:29 On Friday, September 9, several protests were held in the Shomron following a shooting the previous night in Hawara and a rise in rock-throwing incidents in the area. Honenu's headquarters received a report of one detainee at Yitzhar Junction (Tzomet Yitzhar HaGedola). A Honenu attorney assisted the detainee.

Detail of order with "Israelis" marked

To prevent protests, Shomron Brigade Commander Ro'i Tzveig issued orders declaring intersections in the area to be closed military zones. Note that the orders are binding on Israelis - in other words, Jews - only.

In light of the protests, the IDF blocked the exit from Shechem to Arabs, and soldiers turned back cars.

Soldiers turning back Arab cars; Photo credit: Avraham Shapira

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