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Police refused to present warrant, beat detainee

Monday, June 25, 17:18 A couple in their late 40’s were detained yesterday (Sunday) in Jerusalem on suspicion of the husband’s involvement with vandalizing Arab property approximately six months ago, Honenu reports. Eye witnesses say that the police conducted themselves very violently. The couple was taken to the Moriah Police Station where they were interrogated. Yesterday afternoon R. and his wife S. received a telephone call from a neighbor who told them that three men wearing civilian clothes, thugs

At this point S. noticed that they policemen were approaching her husband in a threatening manner. She tried to move closer to him in order to protect him and then, according to her, one of the policemen forcefully pushed her. Subsequently S. suffered injuries to her neck and one of her fingers. One of the policemen told his colleague to take out handcuffs and then the three jumped on R. and severely beat him, damaging one of the parked cars

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