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Netzach Yehuda soldiers still detained

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 16:05 On the morning of Tuesday, October 29, Honenu Attorney Chai Haber, who is representing one of the soldiers from the Netzach Yehuda battalion who were detained on suspicion of participating in an altercation at a gas station in the southern region of Israel, leveled strong criticism at the military police for not investigating the complaint by the soldiers that the Bedouins and not the detained soldiers, were the assailants and had threatened the soldiers: “The [Yaffo Military] Court’s decision to detain the soldiers was known in advance, unfortunately. Again and again we encounter exactly the same behavior. First they detain, then they investigate. It is not clear to me why the soldiers’ complaint about violence and threats on the part of the Bedouins has not yet been investigated. “But again, the failure to investigate the Bedouins and to genuinely seek the truth, is also conduct characteristic of the army. We have seen this throughout all of the incidents, and it is a shame. It only undermines the credibility of the system and the trust people have in it. A soldier needs to know that he has backing. If he does something prohibited, he will be penalized, but everything will be done in accordance with the law. “It cannot be that while in the civil legal system it is doubtful that incidents such as this would be investigated, and if an investigation were opened the detainees definitely would not be held for so long, but in the military legal system everything always starts with a detention and then a prolonged remand.”

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