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Letter in support of Yitzhar resident

Zarog family; Photo credit: Avraham Shapira

Zarog family; Photo credit: Avraham Shapira

Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 19:04 More than 150 women, all of them Yitzhar residents and friends of Miriam Zarog, wrote a letter to Major General Nadav Padan, demanding that he refrain from signing on a severe administrative order against her husband, Neriya. The women have explained that the order harms not only Neriya, but also Miriam and their very young children, and all without a trial or proof of any crime committed. “We were very sorry to hear that you are considering issuing an administrative distancing order against Neriya Zarog, a Yitzhar resident married to Miriam and the father of Ro’eh Yisrael and Ya’elet Chen,” wrote the women. The letter continues: “The effect of the order is great harm not only to Neriya, but also to our dear friend Miriam Zarog and her little children. Miriam and Neriya are pioneers, they love the Land of Israel and chose to make their home in Givat Kumi Ori and strengthen the Jewish presence in the area of Yitzhar.” The letter concluded: “We call on you not to harm the development of Jewish communities on Yitzhar’s hilltops. Do not issue this heavy-handed order against Neriya, which will completely disrupt his family’s life. It is not too late to rectify the injustice!” Recently Yitzhar resident Neriya Zarog, a married 21-year old shepherd and the father of two children, received an announcement from the GOC of the Central Command, Major-General Nadav Padan, informing him of his intent to sign on an order distancing him from his home for three months. In a letter requesting that Maj.-Gen. Padan refrain from signing the order, Zarog attributed the reason for the order to “my endeavors to build up the hilltops surrounding Yitzhar.” Honenu is assisting Zarog and has called on elected leaders and heads of communities in Yehuda and Shomron to act towards preventing Maj-Gen Padan from signing on the order.

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