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Letter from Honenu to Ayalon Prison demanding medical care for Gur Hamel, z"l

The letter from Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar

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On the morning of Monday, April 11, Gur Hamel, z"l (Gur ben Ya'ir) died in his cell in the Ayalon Prison. His medical condition had been serious for several days, but despite repeated requests, directly and via Honenu, he was not granted suitable treatment by the Prison Service. Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who assisted Hamel for approximately 20 years, and filed many petitions on his behalf regarding his rights, stated, "We will demand a thorough examination into the cause of his death."

Keidar sent a letter, addressed to the commander of the Ayalon Prison and/or the medical officials of the Ayalon Prison, after Hamel's death, but two hours before he was informed of his client's passing. Below is a translation by Honenu of the letter.

Honenu recorded a conversation (see below the translation) between Hamel and a representative of the organization, most of which is Hamel heard screaming in excruciating pain, approximately 11 hours before he was found dead in his prison cell. "Do something. I'm dying of pain. I'm doubled over in pain. … Get somebody here. Call the Ayalon Prison. … They're not treating me. I'm dying of pain. … Do something. I don't know who to call. …," Hamel cried out.

Letter to the Ayalon Prison, April 11, 2022

Re: Gur ben Ya'ir ID ********

Urgent medical condition of the prisoner

Urgent demand for evacuation to ER – hospital

  1. My client was sentenced to life imprisonment and is serving his term in the isolated wing of the Ayalon Prison.

  2. The prisoner has been suffering for many months from high blood sugar (300-600 mg.). This is a life-threatening matter.

  3. Despite many requests by the prisoner to medical officials in the prison, and also letters from the undersigned, my client has not yet received proper medical treatment. His condition continues to deteriorate and to be serious and unstable.

  4. Yesterday, 10/4/22, starting from the afternoon, my client has been greatly suffering, groaning, and screaming in his cell for hours from the extremely strong pains.

  5. The prisoner's pains continued in the evening, and the analgesic that was given to him, without examination by a doctor, did not reduce his pain.

  6. He is extremely weak, can barely stand on his feet, is greatly suffering, and, as stated, has been screaming in his cell for hours from extreme pain.

  7. In light of the urgent situation, we request that the prisoner be immediately evacuated to the hospital emergency room for diagnosis and for urgent life-saving treatment.

  8. To reiterate, not long ago, the prisoner underwent a bariatric operation and there is a concern that there are complications connected to the operation.

  9. This is a medical emergency that demands immediate intervention that is beyond the ability of the prison clinic to provide. We note that this situation arose from negligence and neglect of his medical condition, and from the prison authority ignoring his pleas with regard to his deteriorating condition as of late.

  10. We regard the prison authorities, and the prison staff, to be solely responsible for his medical condition. We ask you, please, do not belittle the life and health of the prisoner. Treat him immediately.

  11. The matter is extremely urgent, therefore I request your immediate attention.

The audio recording. WARNING: Hamel's distressed screams are distinctly heard.

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