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Jewish shepherds attacked near Ma'aleh Hever

Some of the attackers; Photo courtesy of the photographer

Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 21:58 On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 14, dozens of Arabs attacked two Jewish shepherds near Ma'aleh Hever in the Southern Har Hevron region. The shepherds noticed trespassers with a flock on their pasture land and approached them. When the shepherds neared the edge of the pasture, dozens of Arabs rushed at them from the direction of Bani Na'im, an Arab town near Hevron. The Arabs closed in on the shepherds from behind and tried to drive them toward the town as they beat them, pushed them, and separated them from each other.

At some point, one of the Arabs jumped on one of the shepherds, who was armed with an M-16. He tried to turn the weapon towards the shepherd and opened fire in an attempt to injure the shepherd. Fortunately, the shepherd also had a pistol, which he quickly drew and fired. The other shepherd heard the gunfire, drew his weapon, ran toward the first shepherd, and succeeded in pushing back another terrorist who had jumped on him. When the Arabs realized that the shepherds were armed, they fled the scene.

Two of the attackers; Photo courtesy of the photographer

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher assisted the shepherds at the Hevron Police Station, where they gave testimony and filed a complaint. Bleicher: "We hope that the army will quickly apprehend and arrest the terrorists. We will continue to follow the case and will do everything within our power so that the terrorists are put behind bars for many years.

"Recently, there have been repeated attacks on Jewish farmers and shepherds in the field. There have been definite murder attempts that were made to look like protests at the start, but very quickly the attackers attempted to murder their victims. There were two incidents in which Jews were miraculously saved at the last moment. We hope that the authorities will come to their senses and understand that there is a need to clarify orders and that there is no situation in which terrorists should come into contact with Jews."

Video clip of the attack; Video courtesy of the videographer

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