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Investigative judge concludes examination of Ahuvia Sandak case

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

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Avraham Sandak (L) and Honenu Atty. Ariel Atari (R); Photo credit: Honenu

Tuesday, May 25, 2021, 12:10 A short time ago, the Jerusalem Magistrates Court publicized a decision with regard to the investigation of the circumstances of the death of Ahuvia Sandak, z”l, in a car chase with the Binyamin Police. Judge Eliad Weinshall concluded (translation by Honenu): “In light of all of the above [the details of the decision], after I examined the results of the investigation and heard the sides, I reached the conclusion that the investigating authorities are carrying out a proper investigation. Accordingly, I do not see justification in holding an independent and additional investigation, and I order this [stage of the trial] to be closed “I will reiterate and note that the topic of these proceedings at this stage is the investigation and not the conclusions of the prosecution. Regarding the decision by the prosecution, when it is made and if the petitioners have reservations about it, they have the possibility of acting in accordance with the proceedings set by law to file an appeal before the Attorney General.” The court publicized their decision after following the investigation for approximately four months, in which several deliberations were held, during which the court ordered the investigating authorities to carry out various procedures. Additionally, the court examined a large amount of investigative material and oversaw the investigation. The request to bring in an investigative judge was filed on behalf of Ahuvia’s parents by Attorney Ariel Atari, who was hired by Honenu. The family requested that the court oversee the investigation and investigate the circumstances of Ahuvia’s death due to flaws in the investigation by the Police Investigation Unit (PIU) and concern of a cover-up. During the deliberations it was revealed that the Attorney General’s office intends to bring in another expert to examine the scene of the accident in which Ahuvia was killed, which indicates that the office is not satisfied with the opinion of the traffic inspector from the Israeli Police who examined the scene. The private expert in accident reenactments who arrived on the scene several hours after the accident occurred and examined the scene determined unequivocally that the police car had collided with the car that Ahuvia and four other youths were driving, and that the collision had caused the youths’ car to overturn, killing Ahuvia and injuring the other youths.” Attorney Ariel Atari: “The proceedings which we initiated upon the request to investigate the circumstances of the death of Ahuvia, z”l, led, with great success, to stopping the attempt by the PIU and the Israeli Police to white-wash the investigation: Only two weeks after launching an investigation, they announced that it had been concluded. As a result of the proceedings, the court closely oversaw the investigation and verified that evidence was being gathered that would lead to a thorough investigation. Nonetheless, and in light of the performance of the Israeli authorities, we are of the opinion that it is too soon to leave the Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Affairs [Shlomo (Mumi) Lemberger] to be the ‘cat guarding the cream’. Accordingly, over the coming days, we will consider filing a petition with the High Court of Justice.”

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