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House demolition in Kumi Ori

Security forces and heavy engineering equipment leaving Kumi Ori; Free use

Security forces and heavy engineering equipment leaving Kumi Ori; Free use

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 6:50 Large numbers of security forces are in Yitzhar. IDF forces have blocked major intersections, including the Jit Intersection, in the Shomron to Jewish traffic. A short ago, large numbers of border policemen, policemen and Civil Administration personnel arrived at Yitzhar with heavy engineering equipment and are removing the Zarog family and one other family from their homes. Residents are protesting at the site. There are no reports of detainees at this time. 7:43 The Zarog family’s house and that of one other family have been demolished. The security forces are leaving the Kumi Ori neighborhood. 8:09 As of now reports of numerous detainees have reached Honenu’s legal headquarters. Several were released on site. Two remain in custody and it is not yet clear whether they will be brought to the police station or released on site. 8:13 Residents have begun rebuilding the demolished houses. One Kumi Ori resident was detained on site and taken to court, where the police requested that his remand be extended. The judge rejected the request and ruled that he must be released. In the evening, supporters of the community of Yitzhar blocked the entrance to Jerusalem. 17:34 The entrance to Jerusalem has been blocked by demonstrators protesting today’s demolition in Kumi Ori. 17:35 The demonstrators are chanting, “Bennett, resign!” 19:41 Policemen who arrived at the site are clearing protesters under threat of Taser guns. One protester has been detained. The protester was released after a short time.

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