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Gur Hamel, one week on hunger strike in prison

Thursday, August 22, 2013 On August 15, Jewish security prisoner Gur Hamel began a hunger strike in protest of the continued incarceration of Jewish nationalist prisoners while Arab terrorists are released from prison. Hamel’s sole simple demand is “release us also, because a gesture should be made first to your brothers.”

One week has passed since prisoner for life Gur Hamel began his hunger strike. His body has weakened, yet he remains strong in spirit. The Israeli Prison Services have responded by worsening Hamel’s conditions.

On Wednesday, August 21, Professor Weiss visited Hamel and to his surprise discovered that the Prison Service was working hard in an attempt to stop the hunger strike. “Gur told me the conduct of the prison management was damaging his health. Every day they force him to march handcuffed for about 800 meters. They took away the supports he needs to lift his legs subsequent to treatment which widened the varicose veins from which he suffered, prevented him from communicating via telephone, banned visitors and even banned newspapers in order to completely isolate him.”

Professor Weiss explains that despite the actions of the Prison Service, Hamel is maintaining a high morale and requests the support of the public in his struggle: “Despite the fact that they are putting him under extreme pressure, Gur intends to continue his hunger strike until all of the Jewish security prisoners are released. He asks the Israeli public not to be apathetic and to fight discrimination by the government, which chooses to release Arab terrorists, but not Jewish prisoners, an act of discrimination lacking all moral basis.”

Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad, the director of Honenu, which is coordinating the efforts of the Jewish prisoners to be released: “I call on the Israeli public to support Gur’s struggle and that of all Jewish security prisoners. The time has come for the Israeli government to understand that they are obligated to act fairly with Jewish prisoners and their release. We support Gur in his fight for justice.”

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