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Four youths detained at Ramat Migron

Monday, November 7, 2011, 20:30 On the morning of Sunday, November 6, four youths were detained at the Ramat Migron outpost in the Binyamin region when police forces raided the site. The four were detained on suspicion of violating a closed military zone order. The police even “restrained” at the police station a goat kept by a youth living at Ramat Migron. The police officer called one of their friends and requested that he come to the station and take the goat. In response the friend asked if the goat would have to sign on a distancing order barring it from Ramat Migron… The four detained youths were interrogated at the Binyamin Police Station and a Honenu Attorney was in contact with the police interrogators in an attempt to secure their release.

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