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Duma case survey: GSS version not reliable

April 6, 2019, 22:50 A recent survey indicates that the majority of the national-religious public does not believe the GSS (Shabak) with regard to the Kfar Duma incident. Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad, the director of Honenu: “The public does not believe the Shabak. The time has come for someone to come to his senses and stop the madness.” A recently conducted survey in the national-religious public concerning the Kfar Duma incident indicates that a decisive majority of that public does not believe either the GSS or the Attorney General’s office with regards to the Kfar Duma arson incident of July 31, 2015. In a survey initiated by Honenu and conducted by the Miskar Survey Institute a representative sample of members of the national-religious public were asked questions relating to the Kfar Duma incident. The first question was, “In your personal estimation, does the GSS version of the Kfar Duma incident reflect the objective truth?” 72.2% of the respondents replied in the negative. Only 27.8% replied that the GSS version reflects the truth. Only approximately 10% believe that there is a high probability that the GSS version is correct The next question was, “Do you believe that the main suspect in the case, Amiram Ben Uliel, murdered the three members of the Dawabsheh family?” Only 1.5% of the respondents replied that they are certain that Ben Uliel committed the act and 9.9% replied that there is a high probability that he committed the act. Over 56% replied that either there is a low probability that he committed the act or that he definitely did not. Approximately 30% replied that Ben Uliel may have committed the act. “Someone should stop the madness” Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad, the director of Honenu: “The public does not believe the Shabak. The public is clever and understands that there are more holes in the Kfar Duma case than there are in Swiss cheese. The confessions given by the defendants under interrogation while undergoing horrifying torture by the Shabak and the police are not worth anything. The version written in the indictment contradicts all of the testimonies of the eye witnesses. We hope that if the Attorney General’s office does not come to its senses by itself and cancel this delusional indictment as it recently canceled the indictments of the youths who were interrogated by undercover interrogators in the Acco Prison in the course of a ruse designed to get them to talk and in other cases. The court will exonerate the defendants as it exonerated defendants in many nationalist cases.” Meidad concluded, “We are in a pre-election period and this is an excellent opportunity for all politicians who have been part of either the dialogue or the silence of the disgrace of the Kfar Duma trial to apologize and mend their ways before they try to gain the public’s trust again.”

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