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Dozens of detainees at Tapuah hilltop

Sunday, June 17, 2018, 9:37 Overnight over 40 youths were detained on site and then forcibly removed from a hilltop in Tapuah. The detainees were transported in open touring vehicles to Ofra and there released without interrogation. Additionally, approximately 10 youths were detained at several junctions on the way to Tapuah. All of them were released, except for a 15-year old who had been detained at the Ofra Junction and threatened with a Taser during his detention. He was taken to the Binyamin Police Station for interrogation and then released to five days of house arrest. Honenu Attorney Nati Rom assisted the minor.

Injured protester; Photo credit: Free use

Injured protester; Photo credit: Free use

Update: 11:33 A short time ago, approximately 40 protesters were detained on site at a hilltop in Tapuah, forcibly removed and taken by bus to Kfar Saba. One of the protesters was injured during his forced removal. According to a report received by Honenu’s legal headquarters the policemen refused to evacuate him for medical treatment. Policemen detained one of the protesters as they were being let off in Kfar Saba. Photo credit: Free use

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