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Disturbance broke out in Petah Tikva Courthouse

Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 15:41 This case is under a partial gag order, however the following information is cleared for publication. A disturbance broke out on the morning of Tuesday, October 28 in the Petah Tikva

Protestors holding signs demanding the right to see an attorney

Protestors holding signs demanding the right of detainees to see an attorney, Credit: Honenu

Magistrate Court after activists succeeded in entering the courtroom in which a deliberation was being held behind closed doors and called out words of encouragement to detainees who have not yet met with an attorney. The courthouse guards removed the activists from the courtroom. One of them was detained for several minutes and then released. The activists protested the conduct of the GSS towards Jewish minors and claimed that GSS interrogators abused “hilltop youth”. Honenu responded: “We understand the protest by the youth. The violation of the most basic rights of detainees is most serious. One cannot know the extent of the pressures, physical and psychological, to which the minors are subjected while under interrogation, during which time they are sometimes held in harsh conditions in the GSS facility.”

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