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Detainees from Jerusalem protest released

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Update: The Jerusalem District Court accepted the appeal.

Photo: Protest at site of Jerusalem terror attack, Photo credit: 0404 News
Protest at site of Jerusalem terror attack: Photo credit: 0404 News

Friday, October 24, 2014, 14:37 On Thursday, October 23, 12 demonstrators were detained on a charge of illegal gathering at a spontaneous demonstration protesting the security situation held at the site of the terror attack in which a three-month old baby, Chaya Zissel Baron, hy”d was murdered the previous day. Honenu Attorney Rehavia Piltz arrived at the police station to assist the detainees with legal counsel. During the night nine minors were released at the police station after they signed on a restraining order banning them from entering the Jerusalem City Center for seven days. The three adult detainees were brought to the Jerusalem Magistrates Court on the morning of Friday, October 24. Despite the fact that they were detained on Route 1, the site of the protest, the police requested that they be issued a restraining order banning them from entering the Jerusalem City Center for 30 days and post a high bail. The reason given for the severity of the request was the fact that the detainees are activists with Lehava, The Organization for Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land, who organize activities against assimilation every week in Zion Square and the Jerusalem City Center. The court rejected most of the police demands, ordered a restraining order banning them from entering Zion Square for seven days, and did not demand posting bail. Honenu Attorney Naftali Wertzberger, who represented the detainees, filed an appeal with the Jerusalem District Court on the decision of Jerusalem Magistrates Court Judge Yael Yitav and pleaded that there is no cause to ban them from entering Zion Square. A deliberation on the appeal is scheduled for Sunday, October 26 at the Jerusalem District Court. Wertzberger responded: “The police demonstrated decisiveness in an attempt to prevent a legitimate protest in response to the powerlessness [of the security forces] concerning public safety. The court should protect the legitimate freedom [to protest].”

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