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Detainee released, Minister Bennett signed administrative order

The administrative order

The administrative order

Monday, February 10, 2020, 15:52 On Monday, February 10, Defense Minister and chairman of the Yamina political party, Naftali Bennett, signed on a administrative detention order for an approximately 19-year-old Jewish youth. The order was signed several minutes after the Central District Court in Lod ordered his unconditional release. The youth, a resident of northern Israel, was detained on Sunday, February 2, by the GSS and prohibited from meeting with an attorney. On Monday, February 10, following an investigation which did not yield any findings, Central District Court Judge Ido Dorian Gamliel ordered his unconditional release. Several minutes after his release GSS forces arrived at the courthouse and took the youth to administration detention. In the decision the Central District Court censured the police and the GSS. “This matter must not be considered insignificant and disregarded,” wrote Judge Gamliel on the detention of the youth and ordered the transfer of the deliberation minutes to the Jerusalem District Attorney, and to the commanders of the Central Unit of Yehuda and Shomron Police and the GSS for examination. The order signed by Defense Minister Bennett states that the administrative detention, which is for the duration of one month, is necessary for the sake of national security. The youth has not been put on trial and no charges have been made against him. Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who is representing the youth, was astounded by the conduct of the GSS and that of Defense Minister Bennett: “The law enforcement system has reached a new low. Today the Central District Court ordered, while censuring the police and the GSS, the release of a suspect, and informed him that he was being released. During the deliberation the police and the GSS, without informing the court, came and clandestinely took him, and gave him an administrative order. The order is signed by no more and no less that the newly appointed Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett, who has joined the community of people who have won across-the-board condemnation from the Israeli public – the law enforcement system, the Attorney General’s office, the police and the GSS. Unfortunately the way things were done was inappropriate. We will appeal to the court for cancellation of the unjust order.”

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