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Confiscated flock returned to owner, 3 ewes died

Sunday, November 8, 2015, 14:12 The flock of ewes confiscated from Givat HaBaladim by the Civil Administration on November 1 has been returned to its owner. However it appears that rehabilitating the flock will be a lengthy process. During transport by the private company which the Civil Administration hired, two ewes died and others were injured. One day after the flock was released to the owner an additional ewe died. The Civil Administration agreed to release the flock only following pressure from Honenu and inquiries from Knesset members and other public figures. In addition to the deaths of the three ewes, the flock suffered further damage after the negligent transport, including possible irrevocable damage to the lambs who were left behind and therefore could not nurse from their mothers. Nerya Ben-Pazi, the flock’s owner, said that other flock owners and people who work professionally with livestock were shocked when they heard about how the Civil Administration had handled the confiscation which greatly injured the flock. Honenu attorney Menasheh Yado, who is handling the case, stated that, “As a result of the transport and confiscation of the ewes, significant damage was caused to the flock, including the death of three ewes. We intend to file a civil suit. Concerning the violation of the Animal Protection Law, we are considering other actions on the administrative and on the criminal levels, against both the relevant authorities, and the private company which transported the livestock and in doing so greatly injured them.”

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