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Civil Administration not penalized for flock damage

Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 14:50 In November 2015, security forces raided the Givat HaBaladim outpost near Kochav Ya’akov and confiscated a flock of sheep, severely injuring them in the process. The owners of the flock filed a complaint against the Civil Administration, the authority responsible for the confiscation, which was closed, but later re-opened thanks to a request from Honenu. Now the contractor who transported the flock has received an administrative fine. However the Civil Administration has not been penalized. Honenu has filed a request to receive the investigatory material and is considering filing an appeal on the decision. Also, in addition to the complaint, the owners of the flock filed a civil suit against the Civil Administration, in which they described the severe injuries caused by the brutal transport.

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