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Bereaved father responds to Yehonatan Gefen

Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 8:37 Issam Ottman, an Abu Ghosh resident whose son Youseff, z”l, was murdered in the September 2017 terror attack in Har Adar, has publicized a video clip in response to statements by Yehonatan Gefen.

Issam Ottman; Photo credit: Honenu

Issam Ottman; Photo credit: Honenu

“Do you really have a heart? You encourage a terrorist like [Ahed] Tamimi with idiotic statements and encourage martyrs,” said Issam at his son’s grave. “One day, you will feel what we feel, that we lack a son, whom we have lost forever because of incitement [to murder] and attacks by terrorists, men and women. And if you so strongly believe in [the legitimacy] of their difficulties, then pack up and get out of the country, because they do not believe that you have the right to be here in this country. There will not be peace. You are deluding yourself. Think again,” added Issam. Honenu is assisting the Ottman and Arish families, whose sons were murdered in the September 2017 terror attack on Har Adar. The families have demanded that a committee be formed to examine how the body of the terrorist who murdered their sons was returned to his family. Letters have been sent to the Minister of Defense and the military command by Honenu on behalf of the families since February 2018 and they have not yet received a reply.

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