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Bedouins attacked Jews with knives at Gaon HaYarden hilltop

Wednesday, June 29 16:16 A group of Bedouins approached the Gaon HaYarden hilltop near Kochav HaShahar. Residents of Gaon HaYarden came out in their direction and a conflict developed between the two sides during which two of the Bedouins drew knives and tried to stab the residents. A member of the Binyamin Council’s security department arrived at the scene and succeeded in arresting the two Bedouins and transferring them to the police. One of residents went to the Binyamin police station in order to file a complaint against the Bedouins, however police investigators informed him that he was arrested on suspicion of entering a firing range, being as the police claim that the area in which the incident occurred is classified as a firing range. After several hours of detainment and investigation the detainee was released.

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