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Attorneys: Minors must be present at deliberation – Update

Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 12:49 Update from the Central District Court: Judge Hagai Tarsi decided to hold the deliberation without the presence of the minors. Their attorneys will not participate in a deliberation in the absence of their clients. Judge Hagai Tarsi of the Central District Court in Lod accepted the position of the GSS and the police and ordered the deliberation on the appeal on the remand of the minors to take place without the presence of the minors, who were not brought to the deliberation. Their attorneys refused to participate in the deliberation and informed the court in writing that they still insist that the deliberation take place in the presence of the minors: “Because the appellants were not granted their basic right to hold fair proceedings, when in the background there are their claims that the interrogation includes abuse, humiliation and other unacceptable means, the attorneys of the appellants do not have the ability to carry out their work at all,” wrote the attorneys to the court, insisting that the deliberation be conducted in the presence of the minors.

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