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Arab/left-wing disturbance in Shilo Bloc

Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 18:24 On the afternoon of Wednesday, December 5, Arabs and left-wing activists rioted in fields in the Shilo Bloc. Left-wing activist Arik Ascherman participated in the unrest.

Photo from the incident; Photo credit: Shlomo Melet

Photo from the incident; Photo credit: Shlomo Melet

The incident began when Arabs assaulted Jewish residents of the area who were working in a field. Border policemen and soldiers arrived on the scene, treated only the Jewish residents violently, and detained one of them. The Arabs threw rocks at the security forces and the Jewish residents. To the best of Honenu’s knowledge, as of this time no Arabs have been detained. Honenu Attorney Nati Rom is assisting the detainee: “This is absurd. Arabs threw rocks and assaulted Jewish residents of the area, and we have not seen any of them detained, whereas a Jew working in a field was detained. The court has determined that entering this site is not trespassing and has in the past released residents detained under similar circumstances. [See here for a similar case.] We will work to stop selective enforcement of the law and to have the Arab rioters brought to justice. I sincerely hope that the Israeli Police will act with decisiveness against Arab rioters who come with left-wing organizations in order to provoke disturbances.” Honenu has represented residents injured during disturbances caused by Arabs accompanied by left-wing activists, including Ascherman, in the Binyamin region, and here, in the Jordan Valley, and in the Shilo Bloc.

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