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Antisemitic sign on public bus reported

The illustration; Photo credit: Free use

The illustration; Photo credit: Free use

Thursday, September 19, 2019, 19:25 On Thursday, September 19, a woman passing by the 881 Kavim bus in Modi’in was deeply shocked by an antisemitic image displayed by the driver of a company bus. The illustration, which called on passengers to keep the bus clean, depicted a pig with payot wearing a brimmed hat of the type hareidi men typically wear, with the caption, “Please do not eat [on the bus], Please do not litter”. The woman photographed the illustration and turned to Honenu for assistance in filing a complaint against the driver and the bus company. Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado wrote an urgent letter to the Kavim Public Transportation company and also sent a demand to the police commissioner to open an official investigation. “Today, at the intersection of Hashmona’im and Emek Dotan Avenues in the city of Modi’in, the 881 bus of the Kavim Public Transportation company was photographed. Next to the driver was an illustration of a hareidi man depicted with the face of a pig, the snout of a pig, the jawline of a pig, and the general appearance of a pig,” wrote Yado to the police commissioner. “This image screams a racist message against the hareidi public. It clearly sends an antisemitic message against hareidim. The stylized portrait of a hareidi Jew is a portrait which characterized manifestations of European antisemitism for hundreds of years, and these messages have permeated to here. The Kavim company must not allow the display of such messages on their buses. The influence of a message like this on a large public vehicle is significantly greater than one on a private vehicle,” added Yado. In conclusion Yado demanded that an investigation be opened: “We demand a criminal investigation of the driver and of the Kavim Public Transportation company for this racist publicization. The polarization of Israeli society has increased over the past few months, especially against hareidim. There is no doubt that the police must decisively set the limit here.” Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado: “It is outrageous to see a bus driver freely displaying an antisemitic image against hareidim. The image did not appear out of nowhere. Dangerous processes of polarization and hatred led up to it. The picture is highly insulting to the feelings of the public, and it symbolizes turning the tables on Zionism. Instead of the State of Israel constituting a home for the Nation of Israel, a home-grown culture of antisemitism has sprung up. The Jewish character of the State of Israel must be protected as should the feelings and security of all individuals.”

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