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Antisemitic attacks in Jerusalem

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Injured youth; Photo credit: Free use

Antisemitic attacks in Jerusalem Over the years Honenu has represented many victims of antisemitic attacks in Jerusalem. Yeshiva students and hareidi Jews are prime targets due to their clearly recognizable appearance. Prosecuting and convicting assailants is an important deterrence factor. Honenu makes every effort to ensure that all complainants receive a fair judicial process. Please see below a list of posts relating to cases in which Honenu provided legal counsel to victims of antisemitic attacks in Jerusalem. January 17, 2022: Shimon HaTzadik resident demands more police protection

January 16, 2022: Assault victim detained and interrogated

January 11, 2022: Shimon HaTzadik assault case reopened after Honenu appealed

December 30, 2021: Honenu: Attack was attempted murder, not aggravated assault December 29, 2021: Demand to return arson suspect to remand November 28, 2021: Appeal to reopen assault case November 24, 2021: Light rail assault case to be reopened

injured Jew from Anti semitic attack
Photograph courtesy of the victim

November 14, 2021: Case closed despite security camera video evidence November 11, 2021: Another incident of rock terror in Jerusalem October 31, 2021: Attack in Old City Jerusalem October 28, 2021: Pepper-spraying assailant released October 27, 2021: Suspects apprehended, but not located? – Update October 25, 2021: Suspects apprehended, but not located? October 14, 2021: Assaulted brothers interrogated under warning October 11, 2021: Two yeshiva students assaulted in Old City Jerusalem September 14, 2021: Trial of suspects in attack on Eli Rozen opened August 2, 2021: J’lem resident opened fire in self-defense, was detained August 2, 2021: Assault case reopened after appeal by Honenu

Attack victim, Talpiot; Photo courtesy of the photographer

July 25, 2021: Supreme Court overturns decision, keeps terrorist in remand July 21, 2021: Comptroller censures police over Jaffa Gate car-ramming investigation July 19, 2021: Road to Mt. Olives danger to Jewish travelers June 17, 2021: Arabs attack hareidi man at Sha’ar Shechem June 17, 2021: Jewish drivers ambushed in Jerusalem June 8, 2021: Arab mob attacks Jewish driver in Beit Hanina June 7, 2021: Attack in Abu Tor June 1, 2021: Jewish boys attacked at Tomb of Shimon HaTzadik May 26, 2021: Antisemitic attack in Zion Square May 25, 2021: Honenu demands that rioters not be released May 18, 2021: Appeal accepted in self-defense case

Abu Tor; Photo courtesy of the photographer

May 14, 2021: Attack in French Hill May 11, 2021: Newly engaged couple attacked by Arab mob in Jerusalem May 10, 2021: Assault near Tomb of Shimon HaTzadik May 9, 2021: Arab rioters on Mt. Scopus injure passers-by, students May 9, 2021: Violent Sheikh Jarrah demonstration documented May 9, 2021: Yeshiva students attacked in Talpiot May 6, 2021: Assault case reopened after Honenu intervened

Salah Diab; Photo credit: Honenu

May 5, 2021: Arabs shouting “Itbakh al Yahud” injure Jewish youth April 28, 2021: Youth brutally beaten by Arab mob in Jerusalem April 28, 2021: Jewish family attacked in East Jerusalem April 26, 2021: Jerusalem assault case reopened April 24, 2021: Jerusalem terror victims not recognized April 23, 2021: Overnight terror in Jerusalem April 19, 2021: Rock attack on Mt. Olives bus

Injured youth; Photo credit: Free use

March 7, 2021: Two Jewish women assaulted in Jerusalem February 17, 2021: Antisemitic attack at Ma’ayan HaShiloah February 16, 2021: Antisemitic attack in Wadi Joz February 2, 2021: Yeshiva students injured in antisemitic attacks January 20, 2021: Despite evidence, assault suspects not yet detained December 16, 2020: Arab admitted assault, not tried December 8, 2020: Defendant indicted for antisemitic assault November 26, 2020: Appeal to reopen case against violent bus driver October 26, 2020: Demand to investigate assault by bus driver

Shattered windshield; Photo credit: Free use

September 29, 2020: Assault victim to be compensated September 13, 2020: Assault case reopened thanks to Honenu August 2, 2020: Antisemitic attack near Jaffa Gate – Suspects interrogated July 21, 2020: 23,000 NIS compensation for assault victim July 3, 2020: Antisemitic attack near Jaffa Gate June 22, 2020: Case reopened after Honenu appeal May 14, 2020: Assault by Arab traffic inspectors in Jerusalem May 11, 2020: 50,000 NIS compensation in assault case March 31, 2020: Purim assault in Old City Jerusalem March 30, 2020: Case closed despite video evidence

Injured victim’s shirt; Photo courtesy of the photographer

February 25, 2020: Attacked youth sues for compensation February 13, 2020: Yeshiva student attacked near Old City Jerusalem January 9, 2020: Two terrorists indicted for ramming attack January 5, 2020: Revealed: Terror attack, not traffic accident December 23, 2019: 40,000 NIS awarded in civil suit September 5, 2019: Two antisemitic incidents near Jaffa Gate July 4, 2019: Police take sides in Old City land dispute April 3, 2019: Terror victim undergoes operation March 28, 2019: Bleicher: It was a terror attack, not an accident March 27, 2019: Hit-and-run or terror attack? November 7, 2018: Youth injured in terror attack awarded 60,000 NIS

Injured student; Photo credit: Honenu

December 29, 2016: 60-day distancing order for Temple Mount detainees May 28, 2012: Jewish worshipers detained after attack by Arab March 12, 2012: Assaulted students accused of assault June 2, 2011: Two attacked students will remain in remand – “The conduct of the police is unacceptable” June 1, 2011: Merhav David Police: two detainees from Jerusalem to remain in remand, Honenu filed urgent appeal June 1, 2011: Arabs attacked with cudgels and knives a group of Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem: three wounded in the head, two arrested

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