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Antisemitic attack near Jaffa Gate – Suspects interrogated

Letter to police from Honenu Atty. Bleicher

Letter to police from Honenu Atty. Bleicher

Sunday, August 2, 2020, 11:42 In late June, a group of four Arabs assaulted a group of ultra-orthodox Jewish men who had come to the aid of a group of young ultra-orthodox Jewish women who had been harassed by the assailants. Two suspects have been detained for interrogation and released with an order distancing them from the Old City of Jerusalem for two weeks. They are also prohibited from making contact with anyone involved with the case for 30 days. Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the assault victims stated that he expects the assailants to be indicted shortly, “before they return to their racist acts.” In a letter sent by Bleicher to the Merchav David (Old City) Police in Jerusalem he described the assault: The four Arabs suspected of the assault harassed four ultra-orthodox women near City Hall, and the ultra-orthodox men asked them to stop. ‎The suspects cursed the men, who ignored them and continued on their way to the Western Wall. As they neared the Jaffa Gate, “The four suspects suddenly ran amok towards my clients, beat them, kicked them and punched them many times. One of my clients was knocked to the ground as the suspects viciously beat him.” After the attack, the suspects fled in the direction of the New Gate and the victims turned to policemen, who were on the scene, for assistance. The police apprehended the suspects and the victims filed a complaint against them for assault.

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