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Administrative detention: “Not only a personal matter”

Updated: May 15, 2022

Itiel Zuartz and family; Photo courtesy of the family
Itiel Zuaretz and family; Photo courtesy of the family

Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 17:39 Miriam Grabovsky severely criticized the detention order issued to her brother, Itiel Zuaretz, without any evidence and without a trial. Zuaretz, a father of four children whose wife is in an advanced state of pregnancy, was served an administrative detention order on Sunday, October 18. After a deliberation on Zuartetz’s case which took place on Wednesday, October 21 at the Jerusalem District Court, Grabovsky described how at ten at night on October 18, thirty policemen with weapons drawn, arrived, presented a piece of paper without any explanations and then detained her brother: “They take a man from his home, a father of four children, whose wife is in an advanced state of pregnancy, with merely a sheet of paper, without any accusation,” and added that, “This is not only a personal matter concerning Itiel. It seems to me preposterous that a Prime Minister who declares to the entire world how we are a democratic state in a sea of states that do not operate in a democratic manner, would simultaneously act in such an undemocratic manner, in a shameful way that hurts a family. My brother is not guilty of anything. This is persecution and accusation without evidence and I think that it should embarrass us very much as citizens.”

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