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Administrative detainee to be released, not involved with incident attributed to him

Sunday, January 3, 2016, 17:05 Honenu: “This is a significant judicial development. We will demand a re-examination of all of the administrative orders.” Mordechai Meyer, who has been under administrative detention since early August 2015, is scheduled to be released from remand one month early. It has become apparent that Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon signed a six-month administrative detention order on the basis of erroneous information transferred to him by the GSS. On the afternoon of Sunday, January 3, Prison Service authorities informed Meyer that he is scheduled to be released from the Eshel Prison where he has been held in a high security wing. The significant development follows the indictments issued this morning to the suspects in the Kfar Duma arson case for an incident which had been attributed to Meyer according to intelligence information. However it turned out that he had no connection to the incident, and the information which was presented to Defense Minister Ya’alon and the courts was erroneous. The Central District Court and the Supreme Court of Israel ruled on the matter and authorized Meyer’s administrative detention on the basis of the erroneous information. Honenu Attorney Itzik Bam, who is representing Meyer, stated that, “An individual sat in prison for five months with no cause. We will demand a re-examination of all of the administrative orders, including administrative detention orders, which were apparently given on the basis of erroneous information held by the GSS. From the first moment Meyer asserted that he has no connection to the incident attributed to him. We reiterate that after he was detained due to an incident attributed to him and released, he spent a long time under an administrative order banning him from entering Yehuda and Shomron, and later spent five additional months under complete administrative detention by order of Defense Minister [Ya’alon]. Now it turns out that he had no connection to the incident.” Honenu Attorney Sima Kochav, who has been advising Meyer throughout his time in remand: “Mordechai Meyer was detained through no fault of his own and thus he asserted the entire time. Today it was proven that all of our claims that he is innocent are true. This illustrates the extent to which an administrative detention violates an individual’s freedom and how easily orders are given when the matter involves administrative detention orders for Jews accused of involvement with “price tag” incidents. Mordechai sat for many months in a separate wing and in solitary confinement, as a prisoner, when he was innocent.”

Update: Mordechai Meyer was released on January 3.

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