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Ad Kan sues over threats to its activists

Ad Kan, Hebrew logo

Ad Kan, Hebrew logo

Thursday, August 20, 2020, 12:13 Ad Kan, an organization which investigates anti-Israel organizations in order to expose their methods and lies, has sued Yo’av Zeidel over threats that he sent on Facebook to activists in the organization during the winter of 2019-20. Due to work by Ad Kan, Jonathan Pollack, a known activist-anarchist, was issued a summons to court. After Ad Kan publicized Pollack’s detention, Zeidel sent his first threat, in which he wrote a vulgar curse and used a derogatory slang expression to refer to the organization as a “gang of ‘punching bags’”. The following day, after the deliberation on Pollack’s case had been held, Zeidel sent an additional threat: “Pollack isn’t going to fall, you *****. I’ll get to you too.” Ad Kan filed a complaint with the police over the threats, but the case was closed. Recently the case was reopened following an appeal by the organization. Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado filed the suit on behalf of the organization, writing, “Over the past two years the social dialog has radicalized and violence is increasing. The remarks expressed by the defendant are an example of this phenomenon. The defendant protected Jonathan Pollack, who during the time he was detained announced that he would not cooperate with the legal system and publicized an article calling for participating in throwing rock and Molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers.” From the suit: “The defendant walked in the ways of Pollack, reviled the plaintiffs, and threatened them. The threat ‘you *****. I’ll get to you too’, was meant to intimidate Ad Kan and its activists. The expression ‘*****’, beyond its being a severe curse, constitutes violence bearing a negative sexual implication, and use of this expression leads to debasement of [social] dialog.” The suit also claims that the bravado of Zeidel’s threats were merely “thuggery, a criminal offense and a civil injustice,” and that Ad Kan, its work, its good name and its activists were all harmed by them. Among the charges over which Ad Kan is suing Zeidel for 70,000 NIS are assault, threats, and violation of the fundamental rights to human dignity and freedom. Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado, who filed the suit on behalf of Ad Kan, stated that, “The political and social dialog in Israel has become more and more violent. The specific incident over which the suit was filed is another incident of ugly violence, threats by people who think that in the name of the flag of justice, which only they ‘know’ how to define, they are permitted to violate the law, to threaten, to sully [someone’s name]. They, of course, have erred, and we will bring this before the court. The dialog has turned violent. This must be stopped.” Gilad Ach, the director of Ad Kan: “The Ad Kan organization will not back down from attacks and threats. We will continue to reveal, to pursue, and to limit anti-Israel and anarchist organizations which act against IDF soldiers and against the State of Israel. Jonathan Pollack is an anarchist who evades the court, plans and directs riots in which IDF soldiers are injured and acts against the State of Israel. For that he should stand trial, and we will work to that end.”

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