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Israels security situation has been complex for the last one hundred years. Shmuel Medad "Zangi" has made it his  life mission to make sure those entangled in these complexities get the legal help they deserve.

Honenu Legal 

Our Vision

We at Honenu wish that that the extreme security situation that often fosters friction with security forces ends. Until this happens Honenu will be there to help all those that have become entangled and need legal help.


Attorney Chaim Bleicher

Attorney specialising in our " victim of Arab Terror" department

Attorney Chaim Bleicher
Attorney specialising in our "Victims of Arab Terror" department
Attorney Chaim Bleicher has been with Honenu for five years and leads the "Victims of Arab Terror" department, which represents clients who have been attack by Arabs in an act of terror. We work with the state's prosecution office to help put terrorists behind bars and also assist the victims with civil lawsuits against the perpetrators.

Email : david@honenu.org Tel: 732-660-8707

Our Attorneys

Zion shall be redeemed with justice, and her captives with righteousness

( Isaiah 1:2)

Moral Clarity

We here in Honenu focus on moral clarity trying to help those who because of the very complex security situation are in need. 
We do not always necessarily agree with some of the actions of people we help but identify with the cause root of the problem. Israels security situation in Judea and Samaria is frought with split second decsions of life and death. These  situations often become legal battles which Honenu does what it does best. Top notch legal defense teams give legal support to those good Jews and even Gentiles that suppor the cause of Jewish settlement thru out Israel.