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22 Route 60 detainees taken to Sha’ar Binyamin

Thursday, December 13, 2018, 17:08 On the afternoon of  Thursday, December 13, 22

Some of the detainees, Photo credit: Free use

Some of the detainees, Photo credit: Free use

demonstrators, among them minors aged 15-16, were detained on Route 60 in the Binyamin region as they marched in protest of the security situation following recent murderous terror attacks. They were taken to the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station. Honenu Attorney Nati Rom arrived at the police station to assist the detainees and reported that, “Several hours ago policemen from the Binyamin Police Station brutally detained 22 youth, some of them 15-16 years old, supposedly for disturbing public order,” and added that “The detention was illegal. Particularly on such a trying day, instead of being inclusive and accepting the protest, the Israeli Police brutally loaded detainees with their feet up and their heads down into police cars, tearing their clothes and violating the Youth Law in the process. This must be stopped, especially on a day like this.” Rom provided the detainees with legal counsel and currently they are being interrogated on suspicion of violating the public order. After interrogation the police are expected to determine whether to release them or to keep them in remand until they are brought before a judge. Later in the afternoon demonstrations began to take place at dozens of intersections in Yehuda and Shomron. The legal headquarters of Honenu prepared to assist protesters with legal counsel.

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