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Introducing our law firm


National Legal Aid Society 

Introducing Honenu

Honenu is an Israeli Zionist legal aid organization that offers legal assistance to people experiencing difficulty in receiving a fair judicial process. We provide legal counsel to approximately 1,000 arrestees a year. Soldiers and civilians who find themselves in legal entanglements due to defending themselves against Arab aggression, or due to their love for Israel, have an organization that will come to their aid 24 hours a day. In the Arab-Jewish conflict in Israel there are dozens of foreign-funded organizations helping our enemies. We are there for those loyal to the Jewish people. Partner with us, champion the cause of the Jewish People in the Jewish Homeland and DONATE now.

Departments of Honenu

24 hour hotline


   Honenu's legal hotline        (Currently Hebrew only)

Criminal Law

The Criminal Law Department assists soldiers and civilians who have become entangled in criminal law proceedings due to the complex security situation in Israel.

Terror Victims

Honenu provides help to terror victims at every level of their legal and logistical needs.

Civil Law

The Civil Law Department assists in various civil law scenarios, such as legal suits against the police for human rights violations and illegal arrest procedures.

Weapons Confiscation

In security criminal proceedings, the weapons used are often confiscated. Honenu has top-notch attorneys who specialize in assisting the rightful owners with retrieving their weapons.

Some of Honenu's Expert Attorneys

Honenu 1327 45th Street Brooklyn, New York 11219

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